Suzanne Mueller, cellist


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It's summer - and the West Porch Beech Tree Concert Series at Old Westbury Gardens is in full swing: 5 one-hour concerts at  3pm on consecutive Sundays of great music made with talented and wonderful colleagues in a glorious setting! Per tradition, the series opened with CROSS ISLAND - with violinist Yeou-Cheng Ma, on Sunday, July 6 - and is closing with CROSS ISLAND, with clarinetist Sandy Tepper on August 3.


Sunday, July 20 marks the return of Cambiata Flute and Cello Duo - Pamela Sklar and yours truly - together with guitarist mark McCarron, who's been a part of this series since its inception! The program will include three World premieres - flute/cello duets by Pamela and Kit Mills, and a trio by Douglas DaSilva. Check out the whole program on my calendar.

I'm sorry to say that Hungrytown - a perennial Gardens favorite - has had to cancel their concert, due to a van fire. Neither Rebecca nor Ken was injured, thank goodness!

Guitarist Mark McCarron has graciously agreed to step in and present a jazz program - check this space for details as available. I will serve as their "opening act," presenting 2 World Premieres by Greg Bartholomew!

On September 5,  CROSS ISLAND will make our first appearance at North Shore Public Library, in Shoreham (LI, NY). This will be as a quartet, with both violinist Yeou-Cheng Ma and clarinetist Sandy Tepper - the program will be a round-robin mix-and-match feast of duets, trios, and quartets.


Banner and CROSS ISLAND photo by Tiffany Thomas